The Bear.

May 15ish, 2008

After moving to our new house we have been visited by a bear a few times. He found our trash and thought that was quite tasty, then he found our hummingbird feeders and really liked that. The first time was during the day and I caught him drinking from the feeders, so I went outside and smacked him with a garden hoe. He didn't like that much so he left, but to prove a point he came back later that night and tore the whole thing down, hanger and all. He has even ventured into our garage to pull trash out of the trash cans that we keep in there. (Yes we forgot to close the garage doors one night.) One time Ellie went outside to see if someone was at our house and she caught him in the garage. Anne-Marie got pretty upset that our 4 year old was standing 10 feet from a bear. She's ready to move now. Here is a photo of our little friend:

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