Memorial Day Weekend

May 23-26, 2008

For several years we had been going to Ouray for a camping trip on Memorial day weekend. Due to gas prices we decided to go to the Mount Princeton area. The Simons joined us for this trip.

As soon as we arrived Ellie got into her full camping mode. I don't think she is into roughing it.

Kenny also got into full camping mode. Mmmmm dirt.

Then to finish it off Ellie dumped a bucket of dirt on Isaac's head.

Our luxury accomodations were very nice on this trip. After some battery problems last year I picked up a new one. The new one ran the heater all night long for three cold nights straight.

Our first activity was a hike up to Agnes Vaille falls. I carried Isaac and Greg carried Kenny. Thanks Greg.

Ellie is totally into hiking in fashion.

The falls were beautiful and the kids did pretty good to not hurt themselves on the rocky terrain.

Kenny doing his boy-band pose.

There was a little snow left in the valley so I threw a few snowballs at Zeke.

Looks like mommy is having fun, but what is that look on Kenny's face?

The kids and I spent about an hour throwing rocks into the water. I'm not sure why we hiked up to the falls, a bucket of water next to a pile of stones would have been just as impressive to them.

Greg, Kristi, and their dogs butt.

I think Isaac wants to get a boonie hat too.

There is a little elastic cord on the hat that Isaac found to be interesting. He'd pull way back on it, then let go, and dad would make a funny noise.

After the falls we headed up to Saint Elmo to feed the chipmunks.

Ellie tried for a very long time to get one to eat out of her hand. The problem was a group had just left and dumped a lot of seed on the ground.

After a very long time she finally got two of them. When they left she promptly stood up and said "OK, we can go now".

I had a lot more success using gummy snacks to lure a couple of small boys to eat out of my hand.

After St. Elmo we drove back to camp and the boys took a nap in the car.

There is a field along Chalk Canyon that frequently had Big Horn Sheep in it. It had been empty on our way up, but on the way out there were several laying in the sun.

Then we headed out again for a hike up to Brown's Creek Falls. Ellie made it about halfway before deciding she had had enough. So Anne-Marie took Kenny from Greg and we headed back while the Simons continued on to the falls.

My hopes that Ellie would hike out OK since it was downhill didn't last long. So I gave her a breaks along the way by carrying her on my shoulders for a while. 70lbs of kids plus some gear is not an easy load.

I'd go as long as I could then let Ellie down and she'd go as long as she could and I'd pick her up again.

Anne-Marie was not a huge fan of Kenny feeling the need to lean way off to one side the whole way.

Meanwhile the Simons (plus Evan) headed up to the falls.

The trail leveled off after the point where we turned back, but I don't think Ellie could have covered the distance.

These falls still had some snow lingering around them too.

Zeke bet Zach $2 he wouldn't jump in. Does this look like it's really worth $2.

I think Evan gets excited about photos.

Zeke this looks like a sweet senior photo.

The next day we had breakfast in the camper.

Watching the boys try to eat cocoa crispies is hillarious. Until you have to clean up.

One cool camper.

We visited the Mount Princeton Hot Springs Pool too.

The water in the "cold" pool is 96. The boys were so tired they kept falling asleep in the water.

The last night we went to bed early and read a lot of books.

We put hats on the boys at night to keep them warm. Here's Kenny's.

Here is Isaacs. Donations are now being accepted for new hats for the boys.

The next day we went home where Grandma and Grandpa met us and brought us dinner from KFC.

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