Red Rocks Climbing

June 1, 2008

Jason and I had plans to go climbing this weekend, but due to the deep snowpack and high temperatures of the weekend we decided we didn't feel like dying. So we stayed home and went rock climbing on Sunday.

It had been a long time since we'd been climbing so we started with a route we were familiar with to get back in practice.

The Electric Swimming Pool is a 5.9 route we did several times last year. This is Noah making his first complete ascent. This was his first time past the crux.

It's a much tougher route when you're reach is so short.

He did it though.

On the descent though he got a bit nervous. We had to go help him down. Your first time 80 feet off the ground can be a little scary.

I used it as an excuse to practice some of my HART training.

Noah was relieved to be back on the ground.

The girls enjoyed playing with eachother while we climbed.

Trish really enjoyed being back on the rock.

It was a perfect day.

Kezi got the chance to show off some of her stemming skills.

She's a pretty determined climber.

Her rappeling skills were very nice.

Near the end though she did need a little help from dad.

Ellie had been talking about climbing for a long time.

She did pretty good for the little bit she climbed, but she was too nervous to go very high.

That was fine with me though, the main thing I want her to learn now is that we're always safe and we'll stop whenever she wants to.

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