Our new house

December 2008

Well, it's been a whirlwind, but we bought a house. God has blessed us in this house already as we got it at an amazing price. It does need some work, but nothing too bad. After closing on the house just 7 business days after the offer, the very first day we owned it we tore out all the carpet and had the floors primered. (The previous owners had a lot of indoor pets that peed everywhere.) The next day Anne-Marie and several of her friends began painting.

Carpet was installed January 5th!!

Living/Dining/Kitchen area

The kitchen isn't going to be upraded yet and the flooring in what used to be the living room (now our dining room) will not be replaced for a while. We are painting the ceilings and walls for now.

The kitchen is a bit outdated and has some old blue tile on the counters. Pulling carpet up in the living room revealed just how bad the pet damage was. After putting Kilz primer on the floor, I then taped everything so I could paint the ceiling.
1/15/09 update - After having Sherwinn Williams attempt to make the right color twice and failing Anne-Marie finally mixed her own color and did a prefect job.

Julia's Room

Julia's room has gone through quite a transition already. It had blue and white wall paper, but now is red and gray.

1/15/09 update - Now that the carpet is in, Julia is moving her stuff it.

Ellie's Room

Ellie's Room was a big challenge. It seemed to have the most pet damage and we were worried about smells remaining in the room. We took a pretty agressive approach to this room. I sprayed bleach on everything several times once the carpet was out. Then applied two coats of Kilz primer to the floor and 2 feet up the wall. Then my dad scraped the ceiling (it had that popcorn ceiling junk) and put another coat of primer on everything. We haven't noticed any odor since the second coat of Kilz.

1/15/09 update - After an initial brilliant pink, Anne-Marie was able to tone the room down to a soft pink color. This room is probably 5 square feet smaller now with 4 layers of primer and 2 layers paint. However since every square inch of this room has been completely sealed multiple times and it now has new carpet, it feels and smells like a brand new room.

The Family Room

Unfortunately I did not get a good before picture of this room, but we aren't doing too much to this one. Anne-Marie and company put a fresh coat of paint and the carpet is being replaced. It had some horribly cheap thin carpet in it, we are putting a heavy carpet with a thick pad. We love this room, big open area for the kids and us.

1/15/09 update - With a new step installed and new carpet this room is nearly complete and the kids are already having a great time in it. The did prefer no carpet though as it was a great place to ride their bikes and other riding toys.

The Boy's room

The boys will share the largest room downstairs. The carpet had a spot on it that worried me originally. After pulling the carpet we found whatever it was to be all the way down to the concrete. I was worried it was a mold problem. I asked the carpet guy what he thought. After staring at it for a moment, to my dismay he bent down and smelled it. The stood up and proclaimed that someone had spilled liqiud detergent. Whew!

The ladies had fun with painting in here. The car they painted on the wall matches the bedding and curtains that the boys will have in the room.

1/15/09 update - More cars means more fun.

Anne-Marie's and My room

Although the master bedroom is upstairs, Anne-Marie and I will be downstairs with Ellie and the boys. It just works out easier this way for us. We're used to smaller rooms. The closet is a bit weird and there are some shelves that probably work better in an office, but I think it'll work well for us. After putting primer on the floor I painted a message that will always be under our carpet.

1/15/09 update - Just some new Carpet here.

Guest Room/Office/School Room

There is one bedroom that we don't really have specific plans for yet. It could be used for more kids, but for now it will probably function as an office and school room with a bed should any guests come to visit. The light fixture in it is really lame, and now that I broke it we have to replace it.

1/15/09 update - Already being put to use. We've moved some stuff in now, and Ellie has been able to do some school work and practice her recorder in here.


The bathrooms are not currently planned to have much updated. However in the future we'd like to update the upstairs one and completely remodel the downstairs one, possibly making it into two.



1/15/09 update - Well the floor turned out to be a real problem so we pulled the old linolium, primed the floor, and installed new linolium tile. The cat odor is finally gone. I also learned that when they say you should only use Kilz in a well ventilated area they are serious. I made myself quick sick from all the fumes.

Other areas

Then there are some halls, and utility closets, and stairs that need work. The dogs tore off all the screw covers on the railings. The heater was installed with no access to the filter. Stairs to the family room need to be replaced. Holes in the walls need to be patched. There are painted and broken outlet and outlet covers everywhere. Someone remind me why we wanted to be homeowners again?! Then when summer comes I'll have to start on the outside projects.

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